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eGovtRecruitment aims at providing a safe and secure experience to users by guarding their privacy. We commit to maintaining privacy of your provided information using commercially reasonable efforts. Our privacy policy is governed by our terms and conditions of use that represents the user and eGovtRecruitment Agreement. If in any case there is a conflict between the terms and the statements, terms and conditions in the privacy policy, the Terms shall control.

Information about users who visit the website of eGovtRecruitment
A few things, like what are the most sought services by all the users, is the kind of information we collect in aggregate. Using this information, it becomes easier for us to figure out what could be most beneficial for the users. It helps us make our services better and be all that our users need. Even if this information can be shared with our partners, we do it in aggregate and not individually. All in all our aim is to provide better services.

Information about registered users
When you sign up/subscribtion, we have an access to some information specifically such as your name, address, contact details etc. This information helps us to reach out to you and make you aware of our products and services that you might be interested in. we might even try to find out your likes, dislikes, and job preferences to help you better at finding what you want.

General information disclosure
Any information relating to your individual visits, and the details you provide about yourself are kept confidential and not disclosed to any outside party, expect when it is inevitable under applicable law. However, if you provide your information on a co-branded registration page, the information is also accessible by the other site. In this case, Recruitment Guru is not responsible for the information received by that partner. Also, the aggregated information may be shared with our partners to enhance services.

The feedbacks that you give to our website on eGovtRecruitment become the property of eGovtRecruitment. We can use your feedback in the form of success stories, or for promotional and marketing purpose.

What is your information used for?
We use the collected information about you to enhance our services and personalize your experience. You email id and contact number lets us send you mails and texts related to our services to keep you informed and updated. Your feedback help us to improve our website and make a perfect fit with your expectations.

The following privacy policies are subject to change. If they change, we will provide the updated policies here itself. If you have any queries regarding our privacy policies, please e-mail us: egovtrecruitment@gmail.com